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might as well get started...

it has taken me so long to create a website.

partly because i wanted to make something beautiful...

we are so bombarded,

every day... scrolling images,

screens, screens, screens.

i wanted to make something that

was pretty, quiet, calm.

and part of my resistance was just that...


i don't want to add to the noise,

i don't want to add to my own distraction,

my own preoccupation and dissatisfaction.

and part of my resistance was...

well, fear maybe

but it didn't feel like fear

it sounded like that voice inside that says:

you have nothing to offer.

that same voice that often says:

why bother.

and that voice,

though quiet,

is deafening.

it can drown out hope

and creativity

and trust

and freedom.

slowly, i'm learning ways

to soften the voice.

to hear it, but not to listen to it.

to stop allowing it

free reign of my thoughts

and brain.

as with all journeys,

this is one made of small steps.

where i crawl back into bed some days,

and some days i feel sparks of joy.

i'm learning that it looks like

discipline and patience

and tiny tiny changes.

so... this is the beginning...

a space to share my small offerings,

to speak freely, and to

welcome others to the hearth

of my heart.

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