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 soul companion

when you ask google what a 'soul companion' is -

she brings up a Mary Chapin Carpenter song:

"all of our dreams are laid out and measured
arrows and pins and a rainbow of threads
like hope on a string, sewn into the linings
for the courage to face the unknown ahead."

not really what i was going for -

but not that far off track either...

maybe that is really all a soul companion is... 

someone with whom we can share 

"the courage to face the unknown ahead..." together. 

it is definitely not about having answers, 

or fixing problems. 

it is, as wise Rilke says,

about journeying together

in the questions.

walking side by side through

the seasons of life - 

through grief and transitions,

joy and heartbreak. 

it is like friendship, 

with intention

but no agenda. 

it is the offer of presence, 

acceptance, and 


it is a safe place

and a warm welcome. 

a soul companion is like

a hearth, where you can

sit and rest a while, 

knowing you are

loved and 

fully embraced, 

as you are, 

for who you really are. 

if you find yourself longing

for this kind of connection, 

check out my offerings...

or just reach out and let's chat. 

i'm probably already excited

to get to know you and

hear your story. 

sharing the journey of life is a privilege, 

i am blessed and honoured to have

walked with many, 

on the margins and in the middle, 

through cities and forests, 

dark valleys and long nights. 

i'd love to walk with you a while, 

or sit and have a cup of coffee by the fire;

for your heart and mine are

very very old friends

Notice Booklet 13.jpg

who are you?

i am a seeker, a life-learner, a question-asker. 


i am a worrier, a melancholic, a dark-night-of-the-soul-familiar. 


i am a noticer, an introverted extrovert, a quiet paradox. 


i am a writer, a poet, a reluctant artist.


i am a listener, an accepter, a safe place.


i am a friend, a compassionate heart, an encourager.


i am an aunti, a fort-builder, a cheerleader. 


i am an outreach worker, a margin dweller, an outsider. 


i am a nomad, a community-creator, an adventure lover. 


i am an observer, a witness, a soul-translator. 


i am a contemplative, an over-thinker, an intuitive. 


i am a romantic, an idealist, a decaf-coffee drinker.

who am i?

share your own "i am" statement...

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