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   interpersonal poetry

have you ever wanted someone to just listen? to just hear...

to hold your story with gentleness and care. 

not to offer answers or solutions, but just to honour what you share?


do you ever find yourself stuck - unable to think things through another way, 

unable to see the bigger picture?  


are you a writer that can’t seem to get words on the page

to express what you’re feeling?

you try to journal but just feel stuck?

or like you’re going in circles?

  the offering

i would like to offer you the experience 

of interpersonal poetry. 

this is not counselling. 

it is, but it isn’t. 

it is “listening with a poet’s heart.”

it is a chance for you to talk. 

to be heard.

to share your story - who you are

or what's on your heart / mind

maybe you’ve lost someone close to you recently. 

maybe you’re in the middle of a big change. 

maybe you gave birth and it was traumatic, 

or maybe it was amazing. 

maybe you want to see your life -

the mundane and the familiar - through new eyes.

maybe you need help to find the words - 

a way to unclog and express all that you’re feeling.

it is a chance to share what’s in your head,

what’s on your heart - 

and then see those things mirrored back to you. 

offered back in the form of poetic reflections. 

i hear you. 

i am here. 

you are here too.

let’s start where you are.


  so what does it look like?

well - you talk, 

and I listen.

while I listen, I write down what you say -

trying to capture the essence of your words.

when we're done, I will hold your words - sit with them. 


and, when ready, I will write you a response. 


it might be your story - written back to you. 

it might be a letter. or a poem.

it may be in the form of questions. or a ritual.

it may be a meditation or a mantra. 

each process is different, 

just as no story is the same. 

but I promise to honour what you share.

and to reflect it back - seeing it through loving eyes. 

offering it back as a gift… 

to inspire

or shift

or refresh

or reassure. 

sessions are usually an hour

(but may be longer if you’ve got a lot to say). 


whatever I send back to you is yours. 

you can cherish it, dismiss it, post it,

or use it for creative inspiration. 

take it and make it your own.

or transform it into something else entirely.


  the cost

hourly rate: pay me whatever you make an hour


a session is generally 2 hrs

(1 hour spent together and 1 hour reflecting/writing). 

(and if you don’t make an hourly wage -

then we can make an exchange of some kind)

  the privacy


I won’t use names in the transcript or on any files that I save. 


I will not reproduce or use any of the poetry created

through this process without your express permission. 

I will securely delete all transcripts when the process is complete -

unless you request otherwise. 

  the logistics


this process is best done from a distance...

over the phone (or skype, facetime, etc).


why? because, sometimes it feels weird to have someone typing

while you’re talking - so it feels easier to do it over the phone

where you can’t see my laptop.


plus - we can be any distance apart and still feel connected!

you need:

  • a quiet space where you’ll be uninterrupted (the bathroom works!)

  • enough battery power on your phone to last at least an hour

       (and a strong enough internet connection if using online calling).

  • a bit of time/space before and after — 

    • before - because it is good to still ourselves rather than rushing into reflection feeling frantic from our busy lives.

    • after - because sometimes sharing can be draining so it is important to take care of yourself  (and even if it isn't draining - it is always good to take a bit of space to care for yourself.

  to book

book online here or send me a message

or text me at:

two-2-six seven-4-seven three-5-two-4

read some samples of interpersonal poetry. 

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