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we all need to take space

  to retreat.

to reconnect, 

with ourselves, 

with nature, 

with life itself.  

and sometimes even when we 

can carve out space

and time, 

we don’t quite know where

to start. 


a retreat can be as simple

as turning your phone to

“do not disturb”

and sitting in the quiet for

an hour.


or it can be an intentional

walk in the woods 

where you choose to notice

and pay attention to

the tiny moments of beauty 

that cross your path.

(even if it is just the forest

behind walmart)


but sometimes you actually

want (and need) to just get away. 

maybe you book a night

at an airbnb or send all

the kids out on playdates, 

or go to a hermitage 

(or the Scandinave). 


but, if you’re like me, 

sometimes when i have 

taken space - 

i get a bit overwhelmed

by the emptiness, 

by the ‘being-ness,’ 

by the silence. 


i’m usually tempted to just

pull out my phone, 

or just curl up and sleep.

and - sometimes rest is 

EXACTLY what i need.


and sometimes, i want to use

my time and space with a 

bit more intention. 

a bit more focus. 


i have been so privileged to 

go on multiple retreats with a guide. 

i have experienced the gift

of a wise spiritual director, 

to ask good questions, 

plan a daily routine, 

lead thought provoking reflections, 

and give permission to eat 

lots of dark chocolate and 

have wine with each meal. 


but, sometimes, we don’t have the

chance to have someone 

by our side. or maybe we just

really need to be alone. 

  the offering

what i offer is a

personalized retreat package

so you can have some guidance for the

journey but also space to take

the time and solitude you need. 


(and i mean, if you’re going

to a sweet cabin or the Scandinave, 

i will totally accompany you! 

i mean, who needs solitude 

anyway ;) )

  how it works

before you go - we will meet

(or chat by email, phone, 

or really any form of communication)

and through our conversation

i will try to get a bit of a sense of

what you need out of this 

retreat time.


maybe you are struggling with

a specific issue or question, 

maybe you are looking to 

embrace silence, 

maybe you are grieving, 

maybe you need to make a 

serious life decision, 

or maybe you just need 

to get away from your family

for the first time in a year. 


whatever your motivation, 

i will sculpt a guided retreat package

that is *just* for you. 


it may include some gathered poems

(or ones written just for you), 

some reflection exercises, 

a ritual or ceremony, 

some guided nature walks, 

some questions to ponder.

i may also suggest some meditations, 

or yoga videos, perhaps even 

a suggested book 

to read while you’re away. 


honestly - the retreat package will 

look different for each person. 

maybe you want to go away and write

but need some prompts. 

maybe you want to remember how to pray.

maybe you want to re-connect with nature

or your most primal self. 


maybe you need a ceremony of release

for after a miscarriage, 

maybe you need a ritual to mark 

the end of a season or a transition

maybe your heart is healing after a

painful relationship and

you need a practice to help re-connect

with your dear and precious self.


whatever your need, i promise to 

listen and to create reflections

that are relevant for your unique journey.


  what it looks like 

this is really a choose your 

own adventure kind of thing.


if you want something that 

schedules your day from morning

to night - we can do that. 


or - if you want a grab bag where

you can pick and choose activities, 

then great, we can do that too.


and maybe once you get away, 

you realize you just want to 

walk silently in the woods 

or sit by the water (or in the hot tub). 


that’s totally fine too - 

you can always use your retreat materials

throughout your everyday life 

and i’m available to debrief your time…


we can chat and i can help to type 

up a summary or a manifesto or a

poem that reflects some of the 

realizations or learning that you

had during your time ‘away’

(knowing that ‘away’ may just mean 

closing the door to your bedroom). 

  to set it up

book online here or send me a message

or text me at:

two-2-six seven-4-seven three-5-two-4

you can also check out some

sample retreats or read some testimonials

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