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Through many unique and creative activities Ruthi enabled us to be free to search deeply and explore our hearts and minds in new ways that allowed us to let go of the past and move forward with more confidence and clarity in our mind, body and soul! —Gloria 

Her thoughtful words and reflections consistently nourish souls, expand imaginations and leave hearts feeling warmed and stretched...For anyone looking to do some soul care, having Ruthi's words and wisdom with you is refreshing and life giving. You will be richer for it! — Brad 


We invited Ruthi to facilitate our church's Winter Retreat Day. We provided her with some overarching ideas and she put her creativity to work, providing some beautifully written pieces and creating a variety of spaces for members of our community to rest, reflect, and connect with God and one another. Ruthi communicated with a blend of confidence and humility and fit in quite naturally with our community. She was a joy to collaborate with! — Brandon  

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