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a prayer for times such as these

this is a prayer

for fragile


for the


vague or


for the unsettling,

the worry,

the disruption + disappointment.

this is a prayer

for all of those

who have lived

days, weeks, months,


such as this

unsure about their

water or the

mosquito by the bed

or the empty

store shelves.

this is a prayer

for all of us.

for the world without


with gratitude for

the health many enjoy,

with petition for

those who have

lived this



this is a prayer,

not of comfort

or a plea for change.

this is a prayer

because i know we are scared,

i know everything is

changing and

life won’t ever quite

be the same.

and i don't know much else.

i do know that seasons

can shake us and

tragedy can re-align

and fear can bring

us together or keep

us apart.

isolation may be the


response but

somehow we are

truly in this together.

pan meaning



‘of everything'


‘all of us’

nothing will be untouched.

so this is a prayer

for the nurse,

for the ambulance driver,

for the small business.

this is a prayer for

the nursing home staff.

for each elder.

for patient zero.

a prayers for the stockbroker,

the pilot,

the WHO.

this is a prayer for

my mom and dad.

and all those who are


and all of those


than i

this is for the families

who have been hungry,

the hospitals who are

already suffering,

the infrastructure that is weak.

this is a prayer for the

lot of us.

for the lonely about to

be lonelier.

for the immune-compromised,

for the decision-makers,

for the border-closers.

this is a prayer for the


the CEO’s

the asymptomatic.

this is a prayer

where we

don’t hold


but we still