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these are tumultuous times.  

unprecedented times.

things are so unknown.

we've always known that

things are fragile, 

but we've never quite felt

so vulnerable before.

(some of us have, 

many of us have... 

but not collectively, 

locally, globally, 

in this way...

not in our lifetime, 

at least)

it is okay to feel scared, 

panicked, avoidant, 

unsettled, angry, 


all of the things!

i just wanted to make

a safe place where we

can share our fears or

how we're feeling...

maybe it is the moment 

of beauty you noticed...

maybe it is how you feel

because something you

were really looking forward

to was cancelled...

maybe it is the feeling you

get in the pit of your stomach

when you think about those

who you love who are

even more vulnerable, 

or the ones you love who are

on the front lines.

maybe you're on the front lines.

(maybe we all are, in some way, 

this does have a way of thrusting

all of us with the responsibility

of taking care of one another - 

even from a distance)

maybe it is something that you 

witnessed that made you cry from 

the sheer kindness of the gesture - 

let's make sure we share those things too...

anyway - if you want, please share

a little about how you are feeling.

others will be able to see it, 

but you don't have to leave your name.

you can leave your email if you want a

personal reply ... maybe with a prayer

or a poem... 

i will also try to write prayers and poems

using the feelings and fears and 

beauty you see....

thank you for your courage, 

your vulnerability, your love.

we are all in this together. 

how are you feeling?

share how you're feeling in the box below. it will be posted on the site, but just write ANON in the 'name' space. i will post a reply or a prayer or a poem....

xoxo much love - ruthi

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