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spiritual care

we all need support; 

someone to be there,

when things are hard, 

when things are good. 

i offer:





in an online or outdoor


which is to say:

i walk with you on the journey of life, 

as you wrestle with hard questions, 

face transitions, and learn to be more

fully alive (with all the messy feelings

and reality that comes from being open 

to life on life's terms)

i am not the expert. 

i am a companion. 

i help you tap in to what you already know, 

not always the answers, 

but at least the right questions. 

using an intuitive blend of 

listening, reflection, creative practices

and nature-based noticing

we collaboratively develop an approach

that meets your unique needs and

celebrates your inner resources and strengths. 

this journey is grounded in 

psychotherapeutic theory

and years of social work experience, 

and the gathered wisdom of a reflective life. 

while our work together is trauma-informed, 

i am not trauma-specialized and 

recognize that you may need other guides

on your journey to process and heal trauma. 

i will walk with you through any referrals 

or specialized recommendations for further care. 

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